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                    1. Shanghai NewMed Medical Co., Ltd. (“NewMed”) is a high-tech medical enterprise which was established in March 2015 and located in Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. NewMed dedicates its work to research, develop, manufacture and market advanced interventional artificial heart valve systems. The company always adheres to the common beliefs of profession, safe and efficiency. It has excellent teams of researchers, engineers and quality assurers who are willing to climb the medical peak and write a new chapter in the interventional treatment of cardiac valve together with excellent experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine in China. NewMed’s mission is to innovate to improve patients’ lives. More innovative medical products will be developed to fulfill domestic products and technologies for the benefits of patients.
                      Vision · Mission · Value
                      Vision: NewMed is committed to building R&D and production in a high-end medical device company that not only belongs to China but synchronizes with the international standards.
                      Mission: Innovate to improve patients’ lives.
                      Core value: Life is more important than everything.
                      Our team
                      Our visionary management team has laid a solid foundation for corporate strategic planning objectives. All of our product candidates are developed internally, and we have many new innovative product candidates in varying stages of development. NewMed Group has built a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio in China and overseas.
                      Our partners
                      Shanghai NewMed Medical Co., Ltd. established a good cooperation relationship with hospitals and colleges in China.
                      Shanghai NewMed Medical Co., Ltd.

                      Add:Building 6, No.500 Furonghua Rd., Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 201321, P. R. China

                      Fax:(86)-21-2078 8659

                      Tel:(86)-21-2078 8668










                      傳真:(86)-21-2078 8659

                      電話:(86)-21-2078 8668


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